Arches National Park with Ivan Lasater

Ivan Lasater, Moab, Utah local takes us on a walk through Devil’s Garden in Arches National Park.

The morning breaks over the steep red rock cliffs high above Ivan and me as we scramble out of our sleeping bags to make coffee on the smoldering campfire coals from the night before. Camping in Moab, Utah is always a treat. Especially with a local who’ll show you all the best hiking spots.

Today, Ivan and I are heading to Arches National Park. Moab is a beautiful little tourist town in Southern Utah. Its geography is so unique and awe inspiring, its outlying areas boast of several National and State Parks such as Arches. A few more include Canyonlands National Park and Deadhorse Point State Park. Ivan and I have chosen Arches because the assortment of hiking trails, monoliths, sand stone arches, and modest infrastructure make it very appealing. It is also the closest of the National Parks to Moab.

We begin our ascent into Arches by driving the paved switchback up an enormous red rock bluff. The moment we drive through the gate it like being on another planet, Mars maybe. Ivan is taking us to Devil’s Garden. As we pull into the parking lot at the trailhead and grab our water for the 7.2 mile hike through the Primitive Loop trail, Ivan reminds me that packing extra food, water, and fire supplies are a must. Even 7 miles in country like this can turn hazardous without the proper supplies. With our packs, we set out towards out first arch, Landscape Arch.

The landscape in thirsty and seems to have been molded from clay, except the sand is as soft as any beach in California and the rock as smooth as marble. I could easily scratch my name into any of the sandstone around me but I want to leave this magical place exactly the way I found it, pristine. The hike is relatively easy, climbing in elevation so subtly it remains unnoticeable. The trail is wide in most places and the views are extraordinary. Ivan and I come up on the spectacular view of Landscape Arch. It’s amazing to look upon. It appears to defy gravity and shape much like a surreal Salvador Dali landscape.

The trail breaks here and the Primitive Loop begins. Most people are doubling back, unprepared for the hike and you can see the look of envy on their faces as Ivan Lasater and I head on to the next arch.
Devil’s Garden is the northern most campground and maintained trailhead in Arches. It is also the second most popular destination, boasting more arches for the buck. The most popular destination in Arches by far is world famous Delicate Arch, which we’ll be writing about in the next post.

The trail we take around the loop is much different than the one we started out on. We face a myriad of obstacles. The trail itself seems to be some lunar obstacle course. We have to squeeze down narrow passageways, trudge through deep soft sand pits, and carefully climb up and down slick rock fins. But the sights are worth it. There are so many arches to see along this trail.

Ivan lasater, my tour guide, my friend, and scholar tells me a little about how these arches came to be.

“This area was a great desert once.” He explains, “Over millions of years, a combination of different sandstone, clay, and water created the vast sandstone fins you see all around you. Water will eventually erode those fins and the fins that collect a disproportionate amount of water at their base will ultimately form arches.”

I have to admit, I’m pretty amazed. The geology of Arches National Park is unique to any other geological formation in the world. Just the immensity of it all is breathtaking.

Ivan and I come to the end of our trail having taken the loop and gazed at the arches, our hike lasted only four and half hours. I’m hungry and so is Ivan. We put the packs away and head back to the campground for food and another night of socializing with friendly campground neighbors around the campfire.

Ivan Lasater resides in Grand County, Southern Utah and is the Owner/CEO/Founder of ICL Enterprises

Ivan's backyard
Ivan’s backyard
Landscape Arch. Ivan Lasater's favorite
Landscape Arch. Ivan Lasater’s favorite

Ivan Lasater, a Consummate Professional

Ivan Lasater is a Moab, Utah Oil and Gas Professional with a thirst for balance.

Upon meeting Ivan, it’s hard not to be impressed with the man’s personable and affable nature. He balances his professional life with a zest for self-improvement and a deep love for the geography he’s surrounded by.
Ivan is a Moab, Utah local who works in the Oil and Gas industry as a Production Recovery Specialist. He is also the Owner/CEO/Founder of ICL Enterprises, a business he built to manage operations and engineer projects in the Oil and Gas Industry.
Ivan was Born at LDS Hospital to Robert L and Jane Lasater of Salt Lake City, Utah in 1971. He moved to the greater Phoenix area in 1972 as a boy and resided there for eight years with his five siblings, mother, and father. In 1980, he moved back to Salt Lake City where he finished school and enrolled in college at Utah State University located in Logan, Utah. Ivan majored is Business Administration and minored in Micro-economics. He graduated in 2004 with his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Oregon and took on his first position as Manager of Operations for Stake Center Locating. He successfully reduced the cost of quality service by 50%, increased customer satisfaction by a margin of 90%, then decreased legal liability to 10% through quality focused operations. This set the tone for Ivan Lasater’s booming career in the Oil and Gas Industry.
In 2006, Ivan Founded ICL Enterprises and set forth to conquer a major task for the state of Oregon. In only one years time, Ivan and his team ran the operations for the installation of an incredible 117 billboards along Oregon’s Highways and thoroughfares.
In 2008, Ivan went to work as General Manager for Compressco Partners LP. There, he increased profit margins from 45% to 60% in only 3 short years. This is where he developed his specialization in Direct Tank Vapor Recovery through the engineering of tank farms.
Ivan is currently Vice President of Operations for a major energy service company and still owner of ICL Enterprises.
So how does Ivan Lasater balance such a busy professional life with time to recreate and hone his self-improvement lifestyle plan? He makes the healthy choices that supply him with the energy, the focus, and the off-time to recover from a stressful position in a very competitive industry.
Ivan loves to exercise in the beautiful environment that Moab, Utah offers all its residents. Quite literally surrounded by National and State Parks, Moab is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Ivan’s interests coincide with his environment. He loves to hike, boat, camp, climb, and off road. Ivan sets aside time to take in the joys of his geography and the fruits of his labor. He loves to drive and invested in a collection of high performance imports which boasts a Lexus RC-F as its crown jewel.
Ivan is also a health nut. He believes that he is what he eats. It takes a great diet to sustain his level of momentum and he’s not shy about the sacrifices he’s willing to make to keep his body in good working order.
If asked, most people who live along with Ivan in the close-knit community of Moab, would agree. Ivan is a valued member of his community. His kindness towards his neighbors and willingness to help have made him a go-to guy when someone reliable is needed.

Ivan looking awesome
Ivan Lasater in one of his prized imports
serious Ivan
Ivan Lasater is a professional

With a demanding professional life and an exciting and exuberant personal life, Ivan Lasater works hard to play hard. But Balance is his key.

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